16 Eco-Friendly Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow

by Pooja Dhuldhoya

Instagram has become the go-to source for connecting fashion enthusiasts with inspiring content. The social and environmental impact of traditional fashion manufacturing has lead to an uprise of fashion revolutionaries who are advocating responsibly manufactured apparel. There are some truly inspiring eco-friendly fashion accounts that offer both style inspiration and valuable information on how to become a more conscious consumer. Highlighted below are our top 16 favorite eco-friendly fashion Instagram accounts:

1. @GretaEagan

Greta Eagan is the London based blogger for Fashion Me Green and author of Wear No Evil: How to Change the World With Your Wardrobe. She is a self-proclaimed fashion and beauty creative junkie, and her artfully curated Instagram demonstrates how to merge personal style with personal values without sacrifice.


2. @Fash_Rev

Fashion Revolution is a global movement uniting people to create a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profits in equal measure. Their Instagram shares compelling insights on the fashion industry and advocates brands that are working to change the status quo. They’ve got consumers asking Who Made My Clothes?


3. @Conscious_Living93

Georgi is a graduate student and author of the blog Conscious Living 123. Her Instagram account tracks her process as she undergoes a lifestyle change towards a more holistic, healthy and ethical way of life. She recently embarked on the One Outfit October challenge as she travels through Europe to advocate reducing consumption.

What is ethical fashion?👗 It is an umbrella term to describe fair and caring fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing. It covers a range of issues, it is rather subjective, and any one of these topics can be used to describe an ethical fashion brand. These are: 🔹Fair trade 🔹Employing women or certain ethnic groups 🔹Made without animal components 🔹No animal testing 🔹Donating part of the profits to a charity 🔹Made locally🔹Handmade 🔹Fair wages paid 🔹Contributing to preserve traditions of an ethnic minority 🔹Revealing manufacturing locations and workforce policies 🔹The product itself rises awareness or promotes an ideal or cause When picking a fashion brand, be very aware of their transparency and mottos. They should have clear guidelines and ethics that they follow which leaves no room for misinterpretation. 🌟 #oneoutfitoctober #veganfashion #wastefree #slowfashion #slowlife #ecolife #ecoblogger #ecofashion #trashion #trashisfortossers #zerowaste #makethezwswitch #awareness #fashionblog #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #veganlife #consciousculture #consciousliving #fastfashion #minsgame #declutter #mindfulness #minimallife #awareness #livesimple #wastefree #sustainableliving #buyless #30wears #reducereuserecyle #fashrev

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Yarina is author of the blog Fashion Hedge. Her Instagram account acts as a conscious lifestyle guide. She has created a useful resource to teach others about ethical fashion and champion brands that are conscious about their impact on the world.


5. @StyleMeSustainable

Jessika is an LA based sustainable stylist and author of the blog Style Me Sustainable. Her Instagram account features bright, crisp colors that are skilfully mixed to create a truly unique take on sustainable style.


6. @Rocket_Science

Not only is Anita Vandyke working towards a zero-waste lifestyle, but she’s also a certified rocket scientist! Her Instagram account features her stylish second hand finds that employ the 3R tenets of sustainability–reuse, recycle, repurpose.


7. @SpunkyRealDeal

Heather Paulding is a Virginia based eco lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger who authored the blog Spunky Real Deal. Her Instagram account features local, eco-friendly products that are using premium, organic materials.


8. @DressWellDoGood

Two friends, Ellie and Elizabeth, are authors of the blog Think Liz. The duo manage the Instagram account that features stylish outfits that highlight sustainable brands as they continue their journey towards an ethical fashion lifestyle.


9. @RonMcQuade

Ron McQuade is an ethical style blogger based in London and author of the blog Dresses On A Clothesline. This spunky 23 year old curates and photographs all of her own images, transforming her Instagram into a visual diary following her sustainable journey.


10. @SustainabilityInStyle

After many years in the fashion industry, Katie Roberts is now an environmental scientist working towards a Masters degree in sustainability, and author of the blog Sustainability In Style. Her passion for social and environmental reformation in the fashion industry is fierce, and she believes that consumers hold the power to create change. Her Instagram welcomes users to join the discussion on all things sustainability and style related.

Tonight is the eve of @dressember the month long style challenge that embraces the femininity of the dress to raise awareness of the exploitation of women and funds for The International Justice Mission, and A21. For the month of December I will be wearing and styling a little black dress and sharing my experience with you. You can show your support of the Sustainability in Style Dressember team in the following ways. You can join the team (there is still time), donate a dollar or more at the fundraiser page (imagine the funds we could raise if ever person donated just one dollar), share the cause on social media, email contactus@sustainabilityinstyle.com to donate items for an online fundraising auction, or Sunshine Coast locals can register to participate in the Conscious Consumption workshop and clothing swap. #youcandoanythinginadress #itsbiggerthanadress #Dressember #sustainabilityinstyle #style #sustainability #empowerment #endsextrafficking #endhumantrafficking

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11. @WorldThreads

Cait Bagby is author of the blog World Threads Traveler. Her Instagram showcases her love of fashion and desire to help those in local communities. She works with local designers and charities to find out what motivates and inspires each. Her travels around the world highlight the similar inspirations that connect us all as a larger global community.

Now on the blog. 🍂

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12. @SustainableDaisy

Karen Housel is author of the blog Sustainable Daisy. Her objective is to inspire others to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe and lifestyle through her own journey. Her Instagram highlights her skillful ability to rework existing materials from secondhand facilities into fashionable outfits and DIYs.


13. @EthicalFashion

The Ethical Fashion Initiative is an organization that links top brands with artisans, and mentors African fashion designers. Their goal is simple: Create a platform for marginalized artisans who reside in West and East Africa, to be included in the international fashion industry–Not charity, just work. Their Instagram features beautiful artisan products and raises awareness about the fashion industry.


14. @EcoWarriorPrincess

Jennifer Nini is an Australian based blogger and founder of the Eco Warrior Princess blog. She lives off the grid and is passionate about fashion and politics in equal measure. Her Instagram provides great insights for anyone who is looking to commit to green living and ethical fashion.


15. @EcoFashionTalk

Sass Brown is the Acting Associate Dean for the School of Art and Design at FIT, and author of the blog Eco Fashion Talk. She uses her Instagram as a platform to communicate and promote the best in eco fashion design.

Sass Brown & Tara St James of STUDY New York at Fashion Positive

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16. @Livia_Firth

Livia Firth is the Creative Director at Eco-Age, a brand consultancy firm focusing on sustainable solutions. She is known for her outspoken advocacy on ethical fashion and industry awareness. Her impeccable style featured throughout her Instagram is a great source of inspiration.


Did we miss any of your favorite eco-fashion Instagrammers? Let us know in the comment section below! We love finding new sustainable role models to add to our list.

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