4 Solutions to Tackle Common Fashion Challenges for Moms


Between work, carpool duty, cooking dinner, and the other activities you’ve got going on, it’s hard to keep fashion on the top of your priority list.  And let’s face it, it’s difficult to find fashion that fits well and responds to your constantly changing needs.  As an ethical fashion company, dedicated to helping our customer look and feel beautiful, we hear your concerns and strive to provide actionable solutions.  Here you can take a look at our four fixes to help combat the most common “mom fashion” challenges:

Challenge #1: Getting Out of a Rut

Breaking out of a wardrobe formula is one of the most common concerns from moms. With an on-the-go lifestyle that’s constantly being thrown curve balls, it’s easy to default to whatever’s on the top of your laundry basket.  It’s easy to put yourself last with so much going on, but you deserve to enjoy being a woman just as much as you enjoy being a mom.  Creating an identity outside of motherhood by way of fashion will help restore your sense of self and give you a boost in confidence.

Solution: Start daring yourself to take fashion chances.  Follow our fashion-fast-forward process to help tackle your rut:

  1. First, remove all black from your wardrobe for an entire week. Now we’re not condemning black, it’ll forever be a wardrobe staple, but it’s also the straightforward choice.  It’s slimming, it masks spills, it hides the fact that you haven’t washed it in a week; but the truth is that convenience and ease are what snowballed your rut in the first place.
  2. Second, we dare you to wear a different color every day over the course of the week. By the end of the week you should feel less dependent on black and also have amassed a nice little collection of non-black outfits that you can then pull out when you find yourself slipping back into your old habits.
  3. Lastly,  don’t be afraid to test your limits. Dare yourself to find new styles that are flattering but not drowning, embellishments that are trendy but not garish and colors that have voice but aren’t screaming. Being initially comfortable with your choices will free you to be more daring later on.











Challenge #2: Adding a Stylish Flare While Staying Within Your Comfort Zone

It’s hard to leave your comfort zone, especially when by definition it’s a, “behavioral space where your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk.” Risk and stress aversion most often times are the main motivators for not taking fashion risks. Having to deal with the added stress of worrying if certain trends are age appropriate or if certain details will be too fussy often inhibits moms from venturing away from their familiar wardrobes.  

Solution: The key to stepping out of your fashion comfort zone is by first trusting your gut and then making snap decisions.  Action paralysis is often a result of over thinking, which often inhibits our creative decisions.  If you feel like you need to ease into things, a great way to begin is by adding stylish enhancements rather than adopting full trends.  Starting with a familiar base and then adding little punches like ruffles, playing with cuts like asymmetry, and experimenting with sustainable fabrics like our repurposed blend, is a great way to add flare while maintaining a sense of security. Accessories are a great way to switch things up while still staying budget friendly.  Our Aphrodite Scarf is a great accent that jazzes up any outfit.

Aphrodite Lur_3










Challenge #3: Finding Styles that Flatter Trouble Spots

Finding flattering clothing is a challenge most women can relate to, and one that only becomes more problematic after you’ve had kids. Some women are so adamant about covering these problem areas that they continue to wear their maternity clothes well past their pregnancy, something we recommend avoiding.

Solution:  Here are some ways to overcome common trouble spots for women:

  1. Round Tummy – Just because you’d like to hide a little tummy, it doesn’t mean you have to drown yourself in over sized clothing.  It is possible to show off your shape while still hiding your tummy, it just requires the right combination of silhouette and fabrication.  Choose dresses that are made with thicker materials like durable cotton and jersey. Then find a silhouette that’s fitted along the hips to accentuate your shape while still creating a billowy effect over your tummy. Our Daphne Dress is slightly fitted around the hips to give it shape, but still provides a comfortable, loose fit around the midsection.
  2. Upper Arms – A great way to hide this problem area is by choosing a tunic style top with fluted sleeves. This will also elongate and slim the arms.   Check out our Freesia Top, it has a great fluted sleeve without giving you bat wings.
  3. Large Bottom & Thighs –  Unlike other trouble spots that women tend to hide, this one is about proper accentuation.  A-line skirts and mid-rise trousers create an extremely flattering shape, while items like thick jeggings create a round, smooth appearance. Our Anise Skirt creates a flirty silhouette by making the focal point on your waist rather than your bottom half.
  4. Large Breasts – Women with large breasts should not feel forced to have to hide beneath loose, shapeless clothing.  A tasteful way to accentuate this area is by choosing items like wrap dresses and V-neck tops. A great example from our classic collection is the Peony V-Neck.











Challenge #4: Shopping Strategically to Maximize a Limited Budget

With so many responsibilities, and by that we mean expenses, moms often have a hard time justifying going shopping.  We all know what’s in fashion today could be out tomorrow, and with that expected life cycle it can be difficult to warrant splurging on clothes.

Solution:  Our solution, make purchases that are timeless and durable.  One built in benefit of buying sustainable fashion is that it is inherently more durable because of the quality of materials and manufacturing. The life cycle of these clothes far exceeds that of standard fast fashion goods. Additionally, buying styles you expect to have greater longevity will minimize your need for constant rotation. At lur® apparel, we design with timelessness in mind. Our clothes are constructed to not only withstand wear and tear throughout the years,  but are designed to ensure resilience with each passing fashion fad.

Have a fashion challenge we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below.

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