Bohemian Beauty: Fashion for the Free Spirit

By Robyn Campbell

Bohemian Beauty

Why is an eco-friendly, casual women’s apparel company like lur® into bohemian fashion? For one thing, we love the bohemian look. For another, the bohemian style is a fashion inspiration to anyone who loves to shop for vintage clothing that helps save the earth’s precious resources.

If you loved the "make love not war" era of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, (think Beatles and flowery, flowing garments) you probably reveled in its comeback in 2004-2005 when we saw a revival of bohemian fashion, thanks to celebrities like Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins, and Nicole Richie.

More recently, style icons like Kate Moss have added bohemian touches to their wardrobes. Fashionising reported this summer that Saint Laurent, Blumarine, Rachel Zoe and other designers all featured bohemian – or boho for short – pieces. London Fashion Week debuted many bohemian-inspired fashions for fall/winter 2014 from designers like Daniella Helayel. For the über boho, there is even a bohemian bridal wear collection by Mara Hoffman.

What is Bohemian Chic?
Bohemianism is all about creative and artistic expression. Bohos are creative, unique free spirits who love ethnic, eclectic, and unconventional lifestyles and fashion. Many of their clothing pieces are upcycled from thrift stores, vintage pieces, or other artsy inventions.

Whether you gravitate to the natural and earthy or the bold and colorful boho look, both styles incorporate ethnic patterns, lace, flowing skirts, fringe vests, tasseled bags, and a ton of jewelry!

Natural Bohemian
The natural bohemian wears toned-downed prints. Instead of bright fabric, she wears earth tones (browns, olives, khakis, etc.) with a bit of color mixed in. Her style is simple and more understated.

" ‘Simple and raw’ is the look that should be conveyed while choosing the fabrics for bohemian clothing," says Glamcheck. "Choose natural fabrics such as linen, cotton – linen blends, wool and silk. Steer clear of manmade fabrics such as nylon, chiffons, polyester, etc."

Here at lur®, we believe there are even better alternatives to cotton. To get a truly natural bohemian look, opt for sustainable clothes that recycle and eliminate waste (like plastic) from the environment. Our clothes are casual, soft and beautiful, perfect for the hippie chic in you. The Bonsai Top and Dahlia V-Neck Top are great bohemian-style pieces.

Top online vintage clothing outlets to rock the bohemian in you (and help the environment by recycling pre-loved clothing instead of buying new!):

  • an eclectic mix of genuine vintage clothing. Shop by era or search by term. You can sell your vintage items here, too.
  • list or buy new, pre-loved, designer and vintage women’s clothing and accessories. Listings are free.
  • fashion consignment from one closet to another.
  • a second-hand clothing marketplace that specializes in high-quality fashion curated by vintage boutiques.

Vibrant Bohemian
The vibrant bohemian savors all colors of the rainbow. Florals, folksy, even psychedelic – all are excellent choices for this style. Loose flowing dresses are a signature look, whether they are made of lace or have a beautiful paisley print. There is a perfect bohemian dress for every body type.

Look for Indian or Moroccan shirts and skirts that have a rainbow of colors. For added style, mix textures and patterns, but only mix two or three. If you mix too many, your outfit will look over-busy. Tunics and vests are also popular options. Look for embroidered, lace or fringe tops for extra layering. You can even mix modern pieces with vintage for a truly unique look.

The Accessories
Accessories are a huge part of the boho chic style. Headbands and scarves have become the icons for the bohemian look, so make sure you add a few to your closet. Bags are also important, especially if you can grab one that has tassels, embroidery, patchwork, or is hand-woven.

Belts have become popular in the past couple of years as a great way to accent a dress. They can tie together your outfit, or can add spice to it. Try adding a bright belt that brings out one of the warm colors in your dress or tunic. Braided belts and sea shell belts are also great boho options.

Last but certainly not least is jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, charm pendants, arm bands – all are integral to the free spirit bohemian. You can never have too many bracelets in this look. Mix up beaded, woven, wood, shell, bangle, and metal bracelets with an antique finish for added texture. If you are a creative bohemian, there are some amazing DIY accessories that you can make.

Bohemianism is all about creativity, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Even so, remember to keep the boho style YOU! Mix in your clothing and jewelry with the boho look to create a style that is uniquely yours.

For more bohemian fashion inspiration, check out our Pinterest board!

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