How You Can Join The Fashion Revolution

by Elizabeth Flading On April 24, 2013, the world got a wake-up call. 1,138 people had their lives taken from being trapped in a collapsing garment factory. The now infamous Rana Plaza in Bangladesh suffered from serious structural complications from the start; it was built without permits and was designed for shops and offices, not factories. Although cracks… Read More
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Unbelievable Prices And Unbeatable Ethics: Visit Our New Sale Section!

by Elizabeth Flading You heard correctly, our new clearance section offers you our quality apparel at half the cost. We want our clothing to be accessible to everyone, no matter their budget. When combining with our flash sales, you can save up to 70%! For durable, sustainably made clothing, that’s the best deal around. Be on the… Read More
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Top 8 Fall Fashion Essentials for 2016

by Elizabeth Flading Leaves changing color, drinking hot tea, visiting pumpkin patches – these are just some of the things we love about the fall. What we also love about this season is the changing fashion. Just as the season transitions from warm to cool, we start pulling out our beloved sweaters and boots to… Read More
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What Are You Really Buying From lur® Apparel? Opportunity And Empowerment For Women

by Elizabeth Flading Consider your average workday. You might be thinking of a 9 to 5 office job, a 12 hour evening nursing shift, or even 24 hour mom duty. For many in the fashion manufacturing industry, though, it consists of a 14-hour shift, earning less than 3 dollars in total compensation, and unsafe working conditions . The hardships… Read More
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3 Ways To Style A Midi Skirt

by Elizabeth Flading Being a sustainable fashion brand, we are not too hip on fades or passing trends, ie disposable fashion. One transcending style that has caught our eye this season, though, is the tasteful midi skirt. This design first became popular in the 1940’s and revivified in the 1970’s, so naturally it is recycled… Read More
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16 Eco-Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow

16 Eco-Friendly Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow

by Pooja Dhuldhoya Instagram has become the go-to source for connecting fashion enthusiasts with inspiring content. The social and environmental impact of traditional fashion manufacturing has lead to an uprise of fashion revolutionaries who are advocating responsibly manufactured apparel. There are some truly inspiring eco-friendly fashion accounts that offer both style inspiration and valuable information on… Read More
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Want To Save 31,600 Gallons Of Water This Year?

by Elizabeth Flading Do you realize how much water you use in a day? If you’re like the typical American consumer, you’re likely using close to 100 gallons a day. That makes one person accountable for over 36,000 gallons a year.  Chances are, the tips below can help you significantly reduce that number this year…. Read More
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The New Year Resolution Worth Keeping: Slow Living

by Elizabeth Flading New Year new you? This tends to be a typical attitude during the first months of the new year. Then, just months later we forget about all of our resolutions one by one (hey, we’re all human here). This year, however, we’re committing to one resolution – and challenging you to take… Read More
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How To: Have a Green Holiday Celebration

Hello December! You know what that means; we’re being welcomed into the season of feasting with family, buying gifts for everyone on your list, and participating in beloved traditions. Unfortunately, this is also the season for not so eco-friendly living. And if you know anything about us, eco-living is kind of our thing. So for… Read More
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Save The Planet, One Water Bottle At A Time – Enter To Win a Glasstic Water Bottle!

To our wonderful readers – you’re in for a treat! We’ve partnered with the folks at Glassitic to give you an eco-friendly water bottle. Glasstic is an innovative reusable water bottle company. As you know, we at lur® are passionate about reducing the amount of plastic water bottle waste in the world, so you can see why we are enthusiastic about partnering with a… Read More
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