lur® apparel Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes of a Fashion Shoot

By Robyn Campbell

Our new styles, which debut early November, range from sexy to classy, elegant to edgy, chic to comfy. What’s involved to get images of our products on our website and in catalog pages? What exactly goes on at a photo shoot?

Every fashionista dreams of fashion shoots. What’s not to love about the models, the set, the accessories, and the new pieces waiting to be photographed and introduced to the world?

Truth is, a photo shoot is both a hectic and wonderful experience. And that’s why I’m giving you all an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into our fall photo shoot.

The team at work

The stage and all the players: (left to right) Jacob the assistant, Tonya the marketing person, Chelsea the stylist, Heather the model, Mark and Alan the co-founders, and Aaron the photographer

The Shoot Begins Before the Shoot

It’s a fact: The work begins long before you set foot in the studio.

Richie, our clothing designer, is at work for months with co-founder and CEO Mark before styles are finalized and ready to go. And there’s the weed-out work of finding just the right model (harder work than it might seem, given that you’re looking for a model’s proportions and her look to marry perfectly with your brand image); reviewing what’s to be shot with the photographer, selecting shoes and accessories to go along with the styles. Then there’s booking the various stylists, each with her own specific duty during the shoot.

You can't have too many shoes!

You just can’t have too many shoes. And it’s the same at shoots.

Prep and More Prep, Plus Caffeine

We began by drinking lots of coffee to get motivated for our long day, which began at 7:00 AM for most of us, even earlier for photographer Aaron and his assistant, Jacob. The set, lights and camera were readied before we arrived, then Aaron moved on to test shots to get the lighting just right (Jacob was there as a stand-in before the model arrived).

Next, Andrea, hair and makeup stylist and owner of Cincy Organic Stylebar, set to work on transforming an ordinarily beautiful woman into an extraordinary beautiful model. Heather, a mother of three and an experienced model, laughed and joked with us as she waited until her hair and makeup were picture perfect. (We ended up with four different hairstyles to capture the different looks: beautiful waves, classy chignon, messy bun, and loose ponytail.)

Heather smiles

Heather smiled even off camera

I began snapping outtake shots while Richie and the Marketer, Tonya, prepped the clothes. Every piece had to be steamed to ensure no wrinkles remained (at this stage the pieces are literally one-of-a-kind samples yet to be mass-produced. Read: be careful with the samples! Mustn’t lose or damage the samples!). We organized the apparel on racks, unpacked the shoes, jeans, and accessories from Heather’s mobile closet.

Finally, we’re ready to start taking pictures.

Worth A Thousand Words

The stylists at work

The stylists work their magic

The next several hours are spent with Heather front and center striking front, back, side and close up poses while Aaron and Alan, co-founder and COO, work together to determine when they’ve got The Shot. We photographed several styles, some old, most new, all of them requiring the expert hand of Chelsea, the clothing stylist, whose job it is to make sure every seam, line, panel, collar, cuff, etc. looks flawless in the shot.

It’s often said that the little things in life are the biggest—and that’s certainly true when taking pictures. Andrea and Chelsea were at hand for many touchups (the lights are hot, so hair falls, makeup shines, clothes wrinkle). This is meticulous, painstaking work, not for the faint of heart.

Which is why we broke for lunch at noon and took some needed down time to recharge. Within an hour, we were at it again and Heather’s smile was back. I don’t know what was more impressive: how effortlessly Aaron and Heather worked together to get just the right poses, or how Heather’s smile remained so genuine after so many hours of work!

Twelve hours and 900 shots later, we finished the shoot in good, if somewhat flagging, spirits.

Heather takes a mini-break

Heather takes a mini-break while Chelsea makes adjustments

The Shoot Doesn’t End After the Shoot

You’d think all the work is done after the shoot, but you’d be wrong. In a way, it’s only the beginning. Before the final pictures are unveiled, they have to be culled down from the master list, then resized, retouched and colorized in all the colors the style is available in. That magic is done by our graphic designer, Maggie, and takes several weeks. Finally, the images are approved and added to the site by our programmer, John.

Heather wears the Passion Flower Poncho

Heather sports our number #1 seller, the Passion Flower Poncho

These new styles debut soon, so prepare yourselves for contrasting colors, stripes, asymmetrical necklines, dolman sleeves…all appearing on freshly designed tops, dresses, tunics, layering pieces and pants. After all our hard work, we hope you love the new styles as much as we do!

For more behind-the-scenes pictures, check out our album on our Facebook page. And stay tuned for more on our new styles, including new sizes, an interview with the designer, and a list of the team’s fave picks.

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