Stake Your Claim at the Office in Eco-Friendly Style

by Veronica


As the new spokesdiva for lur®, I have my own new office space. I spend quite a lot of time at work (read: cube dweller). I don’t know about you, but if my personal space doesn’t bear my own unique style, my time at my desk can drain me of vitality. You can spice up your office space and you can even do it with eco friendly flare. Read on for my best tips on how to turn a cookie cutter office space into your very own sanctuary. Let’s get this party started!

Do your Homework
There are two important things you must do before creating your own office oasis. First, find out what guidelines your company has about decorating your office space. Some companies allow more than others, and what woman wants to take down those pretty prints and return that vintage Tiffany lamp if she doesn’t have to?

Secondly, decide what look you want your space to have. Do you prefer a light and airy space? Is classy and chic your style, or fun and funky? Maybe you want an organized and professional desk with a pinch of panache? Choose whatever look floats your boat, but be careful. Go for taste, not tacky.

Let there be light
One of the first—and easiest—things that can change the feeling of your space is the lighting.
"Although you can’t do anything about the soul-draining overhead fluorescent lighting, spot lighting can reduce some of its ills," says Melanie Pinola from Life Hacker. "Consider adding string lights (who doesn’t like Christmas lights?), a small accent lamp with a bold shade or a lamp with a full spectrum bulb (to make you feel like you’re working in sunlight)."

There are thousands of options for colored floor lamps and classy lamp shades. Feeling retro? Consider recycling a lava lamp. It’s sure to lend your space a funky vibe.

Liven up your space. Get creative!

  • Bring in a little bit of the great outdoors with freshly-cut flowers, or green plants
  • Say no to plastic bottles and Styrofoam cups and use your unique, and funny coffee mugs instead (mine is: #1 Office Diva)
  • Shop flea markets for used accent pieces (like an extra chair or a hall tree to hang your coat) instead of buying new

Cover your bases (and walls)
Another relatively easy fix for the office-gray "blues" is to cover your walls and floor with color. Many walls are like bulletin-boards, so you can easily pin up fabric, wall paper, or even your own customized printed paper. If you’re the crafty type, recycle some of your scraps into a fabulous mosaic.

Another tip: personalize the walls with funny family photos, comic strips, or even your favorite inspirational quotes. Love traveling? Tack up your favorite vacation postcards for a little bit of motivational reminiscing.

For the floor, pick out a sustainable area rug that calls to you. These rugs are made from rapidly renewable materials and do not contain any synthetic materials.

Finally, don’t forget that your cubicle still has to be functional and professional. If your space becomes cluttered or provides too many distractions, it’s time to reevaluate the space.

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