Sustainable Inspiration: Top 5 Eco Fashion Pinterest Boards

by Robyn Campbell

One of 15 of lur apparel’s boards on Pinterest

One of 15 of lur apparel’s boards on Pinterest

If you’re into fashion, you’ve probably noticed the gradual emergence of companies making eco-friendly clothes. That is, manufacturers who are making the conscious decision to make apparel in an environmentally and socially responsible way. This so-called "ethical fashion" trend, though small, is making a presence on Pinterest.

For all you fashion junkies out there (and I’m proud to call myself one), we’ve put together our list of the top 5 Pinterest boards for eco fashion. Enjoy!

1. "Sustainable Fashion" by TreeHugger

TreeHugger is a media outlet that, according to their site, "strives to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information." They produce blogs and newsletters, as well as radio interviews, all centered on being green.

Treehugger has quite a variety of fashion pinned to their board "Sustainable Fashion." Their hefty 5,441 followers get advice on how to shop in thrift stores, tips for seasonal urban fashion, and news about London Fashion Week.

In addition, they have pinned accessories—shoes, computer-part necklaces, and even wearable plant jewelry.

2. "Sustainable Style" by Inhabitat

Although Inhabitat is mainly focused on the future designs of sustainable technology and architecture, they have a keen fashion sense. Their motto, "green design is good design – good design is green design," is clearly evident in their fashion picks on Pinterest.

They provide 4,432 followers with tips, inspiration and information on eco-friendly apparel. Their pins include biodegradable wool, felt shoes, crafty up-cycled bow ties and recyclable sneakers.

They also focus on top fashion apparel. Some of their pins include Orla Kiely’s spring collaboration with People Tree, Marks & Spencer sustainable suits, Kempton & Co.’s "Wiltshire" carryall, and Livia Firth’s reclaimed fabrics frocks.

3. "Ethical Fashion Is Fashion" by Future: Standard

This board is quite unique. Although originally started by Future: Standard, an online ethical clothing boutique, this board is now pinned by the public. In fact, over 80 people currently pin ethical and green fashion to this board!

With 860 pins, this board has a lot to offer. Our favorites include a designer coat from Ecco Domani winner Susan Woo, an organic lace square top, and a bamboo cotton knit T-shirt dress with a ruffled layered skirt.

Like the other boards, this one offers its 1,166 followers tips on sustainable living. You can find information about pulling together a look book, how to wear ethical ankle boots, and even the four best brands for ethical sleepwear.

4. "Eco Fashion Accessories" by Ecouterre

If your fashion sweet tooth leans more towards accessories, Ecouterre has you covered. With over 1,050 followers and 63 pins, "Eco-Fashion Accessories" caters to everyone. Hats, necklaces, sunglasses and bags are just some of the great finds on this board.

Our favorites include Eqo Optics sunglasses created from broken skateboards, Elvis & Kresse’s cuff links from recycled fire hoses, and Cliff’s reversible cork belts. Matt & Nat’s vegan bags are also to die for. The bags are not only made from recycled plastic bottles, but a portion of the profit goes to Charity: Water.

5. Fashion for Change by lur® (Us!)

Okay, so maybe it is a shameless plug, but we do offer a variety of fashion inspirations on our Pinterest boards. You can check out our latest styles and colors or link to our blogs. Want to see how the fashion world looks behind the scenes? Check out our board on shows and photo shoots, complete with runway videos.

Whether you are looking for a summer bohemian look or to add vintage fashion into your style, we have you covered. We also have boards covering cosmetics and eco accessories. Need hairstyle ideas for summer vacation? We have those too! If you are crafty, we have a board covering a variety of DIY accessories, including bracelets, headbands, and rings.

We also feature boards that go beyond fashion, including apparel industry news and the non-profit organizations that we support.

For beautiful sustainable fashion you’ll love, check out our website.

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