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Top 8 Fall Fashion Essentials for 2016

by Elizabeth Flading Leaves changing color, drinking hot tea, visiting pumpkin patches – these are just some of the things we love about the fall. What we also love about this season is the changing fashion. Just as the season transitions from warm to cool, we start pulling out our beloved sweaters and boots to… Read More
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4 Solutions to Tackle Common Fashion Challenges for Moms

Between work, carpool duty, cooking dinner, and the other activities you’ve got going on, it’s hard to keep fashion on the top of your priority list.  And let’s face it, it’s difficult to find fashion that fits well and responds to your constantly changing needs.  As an ethical fashion company, dedicated to helping our customer… Read More
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6 Common Misconceptions about Eco-Friendly Fashion

Part of our mission at lur® is to our process rises above so many other so-called eco companies. Since the inception of what’s known as "eco-friendly fashion," clothing that’s kind to mother earth has taken a pretty bad rap. True, some of the early eco styles weren’t so stellar, but a lot has changed. It’s time to… Read More
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The Problem with Cotton: Even Organic Isn’t a Panacea

By Robyn Campbell Cotton production has been responsible for environmental destruction for a long time. In fact, according to the Organic Trade Association cotton is the world’s “dirtiest” crop due to all of the pesticides and chemicals used to grow and produce it. Even organic cotton is problematic. The National Cotton Council’s slogan, “Cotton: the fabric of our… Read More
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5 Really Scary Secrets Hiding In Your Closet

by Mark Heiman Bought clothes online in the last year? How about from a store like GAP, H&M, Forever 21, or other large retailers? Yes? Then you may unknowingly be hiding numerous, and even potentially lethal, secrets in your closet. The dirty truth is that almost every article of clothing you purchased from these retailers… Read More
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lur® apparel Expands in Size: Sustainable Fit for Today’s Modern Woman

In 2012, we launched the apparel brand lur® with the goal to create positive change in the apparel industry. Over the past year and a half, we’ve created a line of sustainable, ethical, fashionable apparel that is sold in over 200 boutiques around the US and, through the nonprofit partners we support, inspires and empowers women all over the world . Send us… Read More
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Sustainable Inspiration: Top 5 Eco Fashion Pinterest Boards

by Robyn Campbell If you’re into fashion, you’ve probably noticed the gradual emergence of companies making eco-friendly clothes. That is, manufacturers who are making the conscious decision to make apparel in an environmentally and socially responsible way. This so-called "ethical fashion" trend, though small, is making a presence on Pinterest. For all you fashion junkies… Read More
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Green is de Rigueur at Vancouver’s ECO Fashion Week

by Shana McCracken More than 20 designers presented at ECO Fashion Week in Vancouver this year. Over the course of the four-day event, the backstories to the fashions proved as diverse as the collections themselves. Recycled Textiles Much has been said about end-of-life programs for clothing items. It’s been eight years already since Patagonia began… Read More
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Teaming Up with Substance
New Boutique offers Sustainable Fashion

by Tonya Mitchell Boutiques in Cincinnati that specialize almost exclusively in eco-friendly and sustainable products are few and far between. When we learned one had opened up near us, we were jazzed. Finally, a store in our own backyard that understood our commitment to
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Go Figure: Spring Dress Styles for Every Body

By Robyn Campbell Spring has finally arrived. That means it’s time to put away your winter coat and start thinking about that most quintessential of summer garments: the dress. To help you find the dress that brings out your best (and minimizes your less-than-stellar spots), here’s a line-up of the four basic body types. Which… Read More
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