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3 Ways To Style A Midi Skirt

by Elizabeth Flading Being a sustainable fashion brand, we are not too hip on fades or passing trends, ie disposable fashion. One transcending style that has caught our eye this season, though, is the tasteful midi skirt. This design first became popular in the 1940’s and revivified in the 1970’s, so naturally it is recycled… Read More
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4 Solutions to Tackle Common Fashion Challenges for Moms

Between work, carpool duty, cooking dinner, and the other activities you’ve got going on, it’s hard to keep fashion on the top of your priority list.  And let’s face it, it’s difficult to find fashion that fits well and responds to your constantly changing needs.  As an ethical fashion company, dedicated to helping our customer… Read More
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What You Don’t Know About The Term ‘Organic’, But Should

by Elizabeth Flading In the past few years, the awareness and purchasing of sustainable products has significantly increased. Consumers have an eye out for certain keywords when shopping, such as organic, natural, and eco-friendly. But are these terms misleading? For example, what makes a product “organic”? Products labeled as “organic” have passed the USDA’s organic… Read More
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5 Really Scary Secrets Hiding In Your Closet

by Mark Heiman Bought clothes online in the last year? How about from a store like GAP, H&M, Forever 21, or other large retailers? Yes? Then you may unknowingly be hiding numerous, and even potentially lethal, secrets in your closet. The dirty truth is that almost every article of clothing you purchased from these retailers… Read More
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Fashion Mannuscript: The Allure of lur

Disenchanted with the marketplace’s move toward low-quality, high impact, disposable fashion, textile industry veteran Mark Heiman, along with Co-Founder Alan Brown, launched a new sustainable fashion brand called lur® apparel. Click here to read more.
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Four Fashion Faux-pas to Avoid

By Kaela Santos Fashion faux-pas are completely stoppable. Everyone makes fashion faux pas from time to time, even in the realm of eco-friendly clothing. You can prevent some of the leading fashion hazards with just a little advice and by taking a few measures. These are four frequent fashion mistakes and some tips on… Read More
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Keys to Making Sustainable Apparel Last

By Kaela Santos   We all want to make our clothes last as long as possible, especially our favorite items that we wear over and over again! Washing regular clothing can wear them out. It can also be expensive and use a lot of natural resources. We at lur® have gathered five eco-friendly tips to… Read More
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6 Tops to Keep You Warm & Fashionable for Fall

By Janine Kick   As the seasons begin to change, don’t let your wardrobe fall behind. lur™ proudly offers a full line of new fashionable fall tops that will keep you warm, in style, and ahead of the crowd this season. Here are our six favorite tops of the season. Azalea Boat Neck Top In this top, you are sure… Read More
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5 Fashion Personality Types, Which One Are You?

By Kaela Santos   What is your fashion personality type? Every woman has her own look and preferences, which can be hard to define. We at lur™ have condensed the vast categories of fashion into five umbrella styles. We will show you how to personalize your fashion personality with our sustainable apparel. 1) Classic: This encompasses… Read More
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5 Looks For Fall Foliage

By Kaela Santos   Keeping warm during season change is imperative, but avoiding clothes that leave you overheated or too cold does not mean avoiding a fashionable look. lur™’s women’s fashion has plenty of comfortable and striking items perfect for fall looks. Eco-friendly dresses and sweaters are a must-have for the upcoming fall season. Our variety of colors… Read More
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