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Unbelievable Prices And Unbeatable Ethics: Visit Our New Sale Section!

by Elizabeth Flading You heard correctly, our new clearance section offers you our quality apparel at half the cost. We want our clothing to be accessible to everyone, no matter their budget. When combining with our flash sales, you can save up to 70%! For durable, sustainably made clothing, that’s the best deal around. Be on the… Read More
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Want To Save 31,600 Gallons Of Water This Year?

by Elizabeth Flading Do you realize how much water you use in a day? If you’re like the typical American consumer, you’re likely using close to 100 gallons a day. That makes one person accountable for over 36,000 gallons a year.  Chances are, the tips below can help you significantly reduce that number this year…. Read More
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Save The Planet, One Water Bottle At A Time – Enter To Win a Glasstic Water Bottle!

To our wonderful readers – you’re in for a treat! We’ve partnered with the folks at Glassitic to give you an eco-friendly water bottle. Glasstic is an innovative reusable water bottle company. As you know, we at lur® are passionate about reducing the amount of plastic water bottle waste in the world, so you can see why we are enthusiastic about partnering with a… Read More
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6 Common Misconceptions about Eco-Friendly Fashion

Part of our mission at lur® is to our process rises above so many other so-called eco companies. Since the inception of what’s known as "eco-friendly fashion," clothing that’s kind to mother earth has taken a pretty bad rap. True, some of the early eco styles weren’t so stellar, but a lot has changed. It’s time to… Read More
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Education or Legislation—Which is the Path to Ethical Fashion?

by Robyn Campbell Cheap fashion has saturated our stores, our markets, and our minds. It’s the process of bringing catwalk styles to stores for a very short time before fashions change again, thus necessitating new inventory. It’s an endless cycle and it’s getting old. Garment workers in Bangladesh have paid the ultimate price so we can pay a couple… Read More
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5 Really Scary Secrets Hiding In Your Closet

by Mark Heiman Bought clothes online in the last year? How about from a store like GAP, H&M, Forever 21, or other large retailers? Yes? Then you may unknowingly be hiding numerous, and even potentially lethal, secrets in your closet. The dirty truth is that almost every article of clothing you purchased from these retailers… Read More
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Bohemian Beauty: Fashion for the Free Spirit

By Robyn Campbell Why is an eco-friendly, casual women’s apparel company like lur® into bohemian fashion? For one thing, we love the bohemian look. For another, the bohemian style is a fashion inspiration to anyone who loves to shop for vintage clothing that helps save the earth’s precious resources . If you loved the "make love not war"… Read More
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Stake Your Claim at the Office in Eco-Friendly Style

by Veronica As the new spokesdiva for lur®, I have my own new office space. I spend quite a lot of time at work (read: cube dweller). I don’t know about you, but if my personal space doesn’t bear my own unique style, my time at my desk can drain me of vitality. You can… Read More
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5 Eco-Friendly Bags Under $100

By Robyn Campbell What do pop can pull tabs, boat sails and sea grass have in common? They are being recycled and made into eco-friendly handbags. These five handbags are the perfect choice for the fashion-conscious, sustainably-minded gal in you. Hit the road in eco-style ! 1. Chica Rosa Pop Top Mini Clutch, $46 Escama Studio is a… Read More
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Eco-Friendly Summer Fashion Picks

by Robyn Campbell Summer is in full swing. What better way to update your wardrobe than to dress head to toe in eco-friendly fashion? lur® apparel is sustainable, socially-conscious , eco-friendly fashion that was created to be a powerful force for change in the world. It’s also a source for fun, casual fashion. Check out these looks we’ve put together… Read More
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