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Save The Planet, One Water Bottle At A Time – Enter To Win a Glasstic Water Bottle!

To our wonderful readers – you’re in for a treat! We’ve partnered with the folks at Glassitic to give you an eco-friendly water bottle. Glasstic is an innovative reusable water bottle company. As you know, we at lur® are passionate about reducing the amount of plastic water bottle waste in the world, so you can see why we are enthusiastic about partnering with a… Read More
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Partners in Sustainability: lur® apparel & Miracles in Action Strive for Social Change

by Robyn Campbell We created lur® apparel to be a sustainable company , but sustainability reaches beyond eco-friendly clothing . For us, and many others like us, sustainability is a commitment to social change . It’s a compassion and respect for the people we work with to produce the clothes we, and our growing customer base , love. That’s why we donate a portion of our profits… Read More
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The Problem with Cotton: Even Organic Isn’t a Panacea

By Robyn Campbell Cotton production has been responsible for environmental destruction for a long time. In fact, according to the Organic Trade Association cotton is the world’s “dirtiest” crop due to all of the pesticides and chemicals used to grow and produce it. Even organic cotton is problematic. The National Cotton Council’s slogan, “Cotton: the fabric of our… Read More
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lur® apparel Expands in Size: Sustainable Fit for Today’s Modern Woman

In 2012, we launched the apparel brand lur® with the goal to create positive change in the apparel industry. Over the past year and a half, we’ve created a line of sustainable, ethical, fashionable apparel that is sold in over 200 boutiques around the US and, through the nonprofit partners we support, inspires and empowers women all over the world . Send us… Read More
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4 Signs You’re Not Embracing Your Inner You
Sustainable Living in a Crazy World

by Veronica lur® apparel knows sustainable fashion . That is, fashion that’s good for people and kind to the earth. Fashion that, through wise manufacturing choices and charitable contributions, creates positive change . As the new spokesdiva for lur®, I’m going to focus on sustainable living, at least as I define it (that’s the good part about being… Read More
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Sustainable Fashion Brand lur® Apparel to Sponsor Permaculture Conference

by Tonya Mitchell June 23-26, 2013, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst will host the Permaculture Your Campus 2013 International Conference . lur® apparel is delighted to be a sponsor of the event, the purpose of which is to provide educators and students with the tools necessary to transform their campuses using permaculture to be more ecologically, economically, and socially regenerative…. Read More
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Fashion Mannuscript: The Allure of lur

Disenchanted with the marketplace’s move toward low-quality, high impact, disposable fashion, textile industry veteran Mark Heiman, along with Co-Founder Alan Brown, launched a new sustainable fashion brand called lur® apparel. Click here to read more.
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Rocking the Runway at Cincy Chic’s Eco Fab Fashion Show

By Robyn Campbell Have you heard the buzz ? On March 15, lur® apparel showcased their sustainable fashion at Cincy Chic’s Eco Fab Fashion Show. As a maker of clothing that’s good for people and planet , lur® was the exclusive apparel sponsor of the event . Mark Heiman and Alan Brown, co-founders of lur®, were there to answer questions about the process of creating recycled clothing from fabric scraps… Read More
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lur® apparel Creates Great Fashion and Recycles at the Same Time

By Robyn Campbell Just what do recycled plastic bottles have to do with fashion? Jenell Walton, reporter for WCPO Channel 9’s program “ The List ” sat down with Mark Heiman, co-founder of lur® apparel , to find out. Heiman is a 30-year veteran of the textile industry. During that time, he saw how much unused material was discarded…. Read More
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All Natural At Home Beauty Treatments

By Kaela Santos We could all use a quick beauty pick-me-up from time to time, but few of us have the time or the money to go to the spa every time we need a manicure or a facial. What if you could make your own beauty treatments, using common, wholesome ingredients found in your… Read More
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