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How You Can Join The Fashion Revolution

by Elizabeth Flading On April 24, 2013, the world got a wake-up call. 1,138 people had their lives taken from being trapped in a collapsing garment factory. The now infamous Rana Plaza in Bangladesh suffered from serious structural complications from the start; it was built without permits and was designed for shops and offices, not factories. Although cracks… Read More
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What Are You Really Buying From lur® Apparel? Opportunity And Empowerment For Women

by Elizabeth Flading Consider your average workday. You might be thinking of a 9 to 5 office job, a 12 hour evening nursing shift, or even 24 hour mom duty. For many in the fashion manufacturing industry, though, it consists of a 14-hour shift, earning less than 3 dollars in total compensation, and unsafe working conditions . The hardships… Read More
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3 Ways To Style A Midi Skirt

by Elizabeth Flading Being a sustainable fashion brand, we are not too hip on fades or passing trends, ie disposable fashion. One transcending style that has caught our eye this season, though, is the tasteful midi skirt. This design first became popular in the 1940’s and revivified in the 1970’s, so naturally it is recycled… Read More
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Sustainable Inspiration: Top 5 Eco Fashion Pinterest Boards

by Robyn Campbell If you’re into fashion, you’ve probably noticed the gradual emergence of companies making eco-friendly clothes. That is, manufacturers who are making the conscious decision to make apparel in an environmentally and socially responsible way. This so-called "ethical fashion" trend, though small, is making a presence on Pinterest. For all you fashion junkies… Read More
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4 Signs You’re Not Embracing Your Inner You
Sustainable Living in a Crazy World

by Veronica lur® apparel knows sustainable fashion . That is, fashion that’s good for people and kind to the earth. Fashion that, through wise manufacturing choices and charitable contributions, creates positive change . As the new spokesdiva for lur®, I’m going to focus on sustainable living, at least as I define it (that’s the good part about being… Read More
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lur® and Friendship Bridge Work Together to Empower Women

by Robyn Campbell lur® apparel is not only making waves in the sustainable fashion industry ; we’re also making strides against poverty by supporting organizations that empower women . One such organization we support is Friendship Bridge , a non-profit, non-governmental organization that empowers Guatemalan women to find solutions to poverty. The non-profit provides microcredit and education to these women. This past year was… Read More
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Fashion Mannuscript: The Allure of lur

Disenchanted with the marketplace’s move toward low-quality, high impact, disposable fashion, textile industry veteran Mark Heiman, along with Co-Founder Alan Brown, launched a new sustainable fashion brand called lur® apparel. Click here to read more.
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Keys to Making Sustainable Apparel Last

By Kaela Santos   We all want to make our clothes last as long as possible, especially our favorite items that we wear over and over again! Washing regular clothing can wear them out. It can also be expensive and use a lot of natural resources. We at lur® have gathered five eco-friendly tips to… Read More
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How-To: Stay Seasonably-Sane During the Holidays

By Janine Kick   If you’re anything like me, the impending holiday season brings a mix of excitement and pure, well… terror. According to a recent study, American stress levels have increased by up to 30% in the last three decades. I’m willing to guess that as the holiday season approaches, lists grow longer,… Read More
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6 Tops to Keep You Warm & Fashionable for Fall

By Janine Kick   As the seasons begin to change, don’t let your wardrobe fall behind. lur™ proudly offers a full line of new fashionable fall tops that will keep you warm, in style, and ahead of the crowd this season. Here are our six favorite tops of the season. Azalea Boat Neck Top In this top, you are sure… Read More
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