The New Year Resolution Worth Keeping: Slow Living

by Elizabeth Flading

New Year new you? This tends to be a typical attitude during the first months of the new year. Then, just months later we forget about all of our resolutions one by one (hey, we’re all human here). This year, however, we’re committing to one resolution – and challenging you to take it on too. It’s something that has been a bit of a buzzword in the eco-community and is deservedly becoming a well-accepted philosophy. We’re talking about slow living.

The concept is simple yet very impactful; slowing down our everyday speed to increase mindfulness in every aspect of life.

In a world full of distractions, busy agendas, and “fast” everything, it is easy to be removed from this concept. But we’re making it our goal to understand and act out this way to living. As a slow fashion company, it is only fitting that slow living resonates with us (and hopefully you too).

So for those of you who are equally interested in taking on this resolution, here are some subtle adjustments you can make to slow down your life.

Start with baby steps

Since we live in a nonstop society, slowing down might seem like it’s not feasible for your life. But no matter how busy you are, you’re always in control of your own actions and have the freedom to choose what speed you go. An easy way to implement slow living is to start by modifying one or two things. Some ideas include:

  • Beginning your morning with a few deep breathes and simple stretches
  • Enjoying the routine of brewing the perfect cup of coffee
  • Being fully present in a conversation you’re having with a coworker
  • Trying a new recipe with your partner and enjoy it without distractions from your phone or television
  • Ending the day with a book rather than screen
  • Reserving time each week to pursue an interest or passion of yours
  • Putting your cell phone in a basket during mealtime

You’ll find that practicing any of these will have a ripple effect, and you’ll feel more peace throughout your day from it. All it takes is being more cognizant in your everyday actions.

Don’t be afraid of boredom

Slowing down your everyday speed involves removing yourself from distractions. This may seem uncomfortable at first, given that most of us have a computer readily available in our pocket, but will come naturally in time. We are so rarely bored because of all our various distractions, and we’re missing out because of it! Being bored allows us to have “ah-ha” moments and is proven to be when some of your most creative thinking happens. And we’re missing out on that genius-ness because we can’t stand to be under stimulated.

So with this New Year’s resolution, we’re committing to replacing distractions with mindfulness. Give your brain the opportunity to roam and you might have brilliant ideas come from it.

This will eventually become a lifestyle

Hopefully, a few ideas have stood out that you’re able to incorporate in your own life. These small shifts in thinking will eventually become part of your routine and will allow you to appreciate (everything) in a fuller way. Even for the busiest schedules, the key is to be present and cognizant in everyday actions. Doing so provides a deeper sense of community, strengthens relationships, and allows you to pursue passions that have possibly been pulling at you your whole life.

So, will this be the year you slow down too?mindful 2

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